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Why You Should Assist, Even As A Business Owner

I had the pleasure of assisting Katie with Simply Designed Events this weekend for wedding at The Redmoor in Cincinnati, Ohio. The venue was beautiful and all the vendors were amazing.

But I was asked, "Why did you assist when you have your own business?" And my answer was probably different each time I was asked, which was several. There are so many reasons, in my opinion to assist (on anything really, not just in the wedding industry) others on their projects. And here's why..

First, it took me to a city I had never been to! That's always fun :) I was able to understand a different dynamic and lifestyle. This also meant I saw a venue and met vendors and stuff I had no previously met. Networking is key to owning a business.

I was able to work with, and learn from someone outside of my bubble. Katie and I were connected through a Facebook group we are both in because we both got our wedding planning certifications through The Bridal Society. They boast the number one wedding planning certification course in the world, and it connects planners and designers all over the world! Although we learned the same things in the course, there are still many ways you can implement certain things and I was able to see that first hand.

I loved being an assistant, and I will jump at the opportunity to do it again. Why? Because in an industry that is ever changing, you can be ever learning. And doing it with and from peers is huge! Being an assistant did not make me feel small, and I was confident in my every move. Katie was confident in my abilities and would assign me a task and knew it would be completed to her standard the first time.

Assisting, even as a business owner, is not an insult. It's a learning opportunity, it's a way to grow in your job. I was a 2nd set of hands to help Katie execute a beautiful wedding, I was able to see new perspectives, and pick up some tips that I can implement in my business moving forward.

Huge thank you (again) to Katie from Simply Designed Events for allowing me to assist you! I'm already looking for other events to assist on when I don't have any on my calendar.

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