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How To Change Your Name After You Get Married

Changing your name after your wedding can be such a process. Depending on how many accounts you have can be worse. I'm going to break down the top must do things right away. Some things like a new email can wait, but here's what can't...

  1. Get a physical copy of your marriage certificate/license. This is what verifies the legalities of your marriage like the date and location. You'll need this a lot so if you can get several copies, do it!

  2. New social security card. This always needs to be first because systems use the Social Security Administration (SSA) to verify the name change before they will process it. The form for this the SS-5 and you will need a copy of your marriage license, and a photo ID (passport, license, military ID).

  3. Then comes time for the dreaded DMV...sorry y'all. Now you need to get a new license and/or state ID. The required documents for this would be: current license, marriage certificate, new social security card (or receipt of the new one coming), and proof of residence.

  4. Passport and any travel documents like TSA precheck should be next. The timing of this is more important based on when your honeymoon is and where you are going. Your passport needs to match the name on your plane ticket, so if you booked it in your maiden name, you'll want to update this after you get back to not cause any additional stress or issues. To get a new passport you will need: form DS-5504, current passport if you have one, copy of your marriage certificate, and a passport photo that meets the requirements.

  5. Now you'll want to update your car title and vehicle registration. You may be able to do this at the same time as your license, each state is different. If you are leasing or financing your car, contact the lienholder and they will advise you on the steps to take.

At this point, you've covered all the big things, yay! Now, it's just the "along the way things" like ordering new credit and debit cards with your new name, updated checks, and updated voter registration. Updating the information with USPS isn't necessarily needed if you didn't move or if you just change your name on the important mail being sent. Now when you come across things like your doctors offices, insurance, any rewards or loyalty programs, and social media and email accounts you can change those as you see fit.

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