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Everything a bride has asked for on a wedding a bag!

Weddings represent the celebration of love with your soul mate. It is a memory you will never forget. However, this does not mean that weddings aren’t prone to mishaps, spills, rips or messes.

Not to worry though because I've got you covered. I provide portable mini wedding emergency kits to ensure that whatever chaos ensues can be easily corrected or fixed, so that you can focus on what's really important. Anything a bride has asked for me on a wedding day, is in this bag!


Unfortunately headaches don't plan ahead or understand the importance of a wedding so they can strike at any minute. And as we all know nothing can kill a mood faster than a raging migraine that takes all of your energy and focus to manage. This is where the two little Advil tablets come in to help reduce and relieve your headache so you're not cutting the night short.

Hair Tie:

Who doesn't want an emergency hair tie on deck just in case? For something so tiny, a hair tie can actually have a massive impact when a bride or groom decide to put their hair up. This is especially useful for dancing, when the last thing someone wants to do is focus on hair in their face or getting to warm!

Dental Floss and Tic Tac:

Nobody wants to kiss someone with bad breath. Especially not for the most important kiss of their life. But sometimes in the craziness of a wedding day, dental hygiene can get lost behind lunch and drinking. Not to worry however, that's where Tic Tacs come to the rescue! Additionally, if something manages to get annoyingly stuck in your teeth, some floss comes in handy to get rid of the annoying food before it's showcased on the hundreds of pictures that will be taken of you throughout the night.

Mini Nail File:

Having a nail file is a quick and easy way to fix your nails quickly and discreetly.

Stain Remover Wipe:

Stains are something we all try to avoid. But despite our best efforts, sometimes it just happens. Whether its red wine during cocktail hour or red pasta sauce during dinner, you don't want to have a stain ruining your night!


Having a few band-aids on hand can help to patch up any bumps or bruises that may occur. Nothing is worse than blisters before you even start down the aisle for a ceremony. And think about your little flower girls, they ask for band-aids more than the adults!

Makeup Remover:

Weddings can and should be a very emotional day for everyone involved. Because of that tears can do a number on your makeup and cause it to get all messed up. When the night is done and all festivities are completed and it's time to get comfortable, having a makeup remover wipe is an easy and quick way to get any makeup off.

Sewing Kit:

A mini sewing kit can be a very useful tool if someone's clothes happen to get a little rip in it. I’ve sewn bride’s dresses back together just moments before they walk down the aisle!

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