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5 things to remember this Valentine's Day

Today is February 14th, also named Valentine’s day! Valentine's day is known as THE day for everyone in relationships to celebrate their love with one another. It's a joyous day that helps us enjoy time with our better halves. But Valentine's day can also induce some stress for some men who don't wait to disappoint on the big day. With so many options for dining, clothing requirements, and huge stuffed bears all over the place, Valentine's day can be a whirlwind of decisions. Luckily we're here to help. In this article, we will highlight the Five most important things that men can do to make sure their Valentine feels special today and everyday.

1. Be thoughtful and put in effort

Effort and thoughtfulness will take you a long way. Even if everything doesn't go exactly as planned, your partner will appreciate your effort to make them feel special today. Some things that can help you brainstorm ideas would be to ask yourself some of the following questions; “What does my partner love?” or “How can I surprise them today?” “How can I make them feel special?” and “what would make them happy today?” Think of these things and then take action. Don't be afraid if it isn't perfect because your partner will appreciate the time and effort more than they will dread its imperfections.

2. Spend good quality time together

Nothing beats some good quality time with your favorite person. Take some time today to really enjoy each other's company, avoiding any electronic distractions. Take some time to put down the phones, shut off the TV, and really be mentally present with your partner. There are numerous ways you can accomplish this. For example, you can take a walk outside together, You can do some home cooking together or maybe you want to go out and have a phone-free meal together. It's easy to get swept up in the craziness of everyday life but try to take some time today to just focus on each other!


Everybody loves flowers. Flowers have such a great scent and beauty to them and they make the perfect gift on a day like today. Flowers will make almost everyone smile and instantly put them in a much better mood. Flowers are also very easy to obtain as they are present at most grocery stores, especially this time of the year. And many flowers don’t cost an arm and a leg so you can focus your financial resources elsewhere today. Getting flowers is easy, relatively cheap and can make your partner's whole day so much better.

4. Have a Nice Meal Together

One of the best ways to punctuate a successful Valentine's Day together is to have at least one special meal together. This can include taking them out to a nice restaurant or trying a new dining experience together. But for those who are balling on a budget, or just prefer to stay at home one great option would be to have a nice home-cooked meal together. Where you go and what you eat don't matter nearly as much as the effort that was put into the meal and the quality time you will spend with each other.

5. Remind your partner how much you love them

This is the least expensive option in this article but it is the most important. Love is a precious thing, and when you feel it with someone else you will feel like the happiest person in the world. So on a day dedicated to love the least you could do is remind and reassure your partner how much you love them. This option is free but its impact will be greater than any of the other four things I've mentioned.

I hope this article was able to help some of you men out there. Regardless of your budgeting restraints, you can give your significant other a great and memorable Valentine's Day filled with love and memories that will last for years to come!

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